Friday, May 27, 2011

Life Lately

Summer is almost in full swing, and I'm horrified at how quickly every day seems to be filling up! We're going to cut back so we can enjoy our little family and the warm weather! August is getting so big! Making more faces and different noises everyday! Can't believe we are closing in on one year already.

August and his door obsession continues, only now he LOVES when we are on the other side. He will open it and close it (over and over) and act like it's the best moment of his entire life when he sees us. I love peaking through the crack of the door and seeing that he still has a HUGE grin on his face! Hopefully this explanation makes sense-it does to me so i guess that's what counts.

He also smiles all the time. I swear I can even feel this kid smiling, I don't even have to look at him to know he is :)

I'm trying to write more stories about august, he's changing so much and i'm scared i'll forget it all!

I love my little family, so thankful to God that he chose me to be Jamins wife and Augusts mama!

Monday, May 16, 2011

I love baby showers!

Is there anything more fun than celebrating new life? Went to a shower for a good friend on Friday and almost caught baby fever, doesn't this beautiful picture make want to be pregnant?

I had a GREAT pregnancy with August and loved every minute of it, for some this picture might make your back hurt and feet swell :)

BUT I think we all can look at this next picture and miss the newborn days! Baby wearing is my FAVORITE!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

8 months

Little lover boy is eight months! Okay fine, he'll be nine months in a week-guess I'm a little behind :)

Eight months marked the first stroller ride actually IN the stroller and not riding on top in his carseat. For some reason, I was totally and unexpectedly traumatized by this! There were little milestones that I thought would be a little harder for me, crawling, eating solids, etc. But those were just exciting. Seeing my sweet baby boy (who's still an infant in my head even though he's not) sitting in his stroller like a big boy made me SAD, not proud (like is dad probably was), or excited, just sad! haha. Oh man, what will I do when he leaves for college? I'll be a hot mess. Here are some pictures of his first stroller ride (which I can barely bring myself to look at) and his eight months pictures. BTW isn't he the cutest?

I just can't get enough of this baby!

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Ive always loved having family pictures taken. I love having those memories captured so that I can look back on them some day. In fact I have many photographer friends who Im always asking to take our pictures ;) Unfortunately they aren't around from day to day! My husband bought me a camera this year for Christmas and I am over-the-moon excited to have as many pictures of August and us as possible!